Our History

Our History:

Melenie Broyles began her career in Human Resources and found her passion for helping employees be successful and understand impressions, professionalism and confidence. In 2000, she left the corporate world to create opportunities to work with children and adults in a variety of venues throughout the US. Etiquette Saint was born. Melenie began teaching children's etiquette and professionalism. In recent years the business expanded and truly became a family business as Sarah Broyles joined the organization in 2018 after graduating from Missouri Baptist University with a degree in Public Relations and Journalism.

As Etiquette Saint Louis programs became more sought after our topics began to expand. Customers were asking for other topics to develop employees and use our unique style to connect and truly make a difference. We began offering leadership training, mindset programming, relationship building, conflict resolution, harassment and more. Our programming was focused on experience. We were partnering with organizations to create employee experience programs as well as customer experience programs.

Today our thriving family business has two divisions. Etiquette Saint Louis and Experience 360 Partner. Experience 360 Partner is your custom partnership for creating engaging employee and customer experiences. Developing employees and connecting with them creates the mindset and energy to reach the next level and recruit/retain talented team members. Customer Experience programs revolve around relationships, connection and loyalty. Experience 360 partners with you to evaluate your experiences from all angles and create growth, satisfaction and excitement.

Etiquette Saint Louis continues to offer children's etiquette, cotillion programming, business etiquette and dining events.

Melenie Broyles

Melenie Broyles, of Experience 360 Partner

All programs offered by Etiquette St. Louis use humor to make the material memorable and ultimately more effective. Melenie Broyles founded Etiquette Saint Louis twenty years ago as a way to emphasize to individuals that having good manners was more than knowing which fork to use. Melenie is married to Rich Broyles, has four children and lives in Chesterfield Missouri. “Etiquette is not about impressing people, it is about using kindness, courtesy, and respect in every part of our daily lives.” Melenie Broyles understands that etiquette is a sensitive topic and has found ways to use humor to make etiquette more fun. Broyles has worked in corporate human resources for 12 years prior to starting Etiquette Saint Louis. After reflecting on her own experience as well as parenting four children, she has seen a real need for programs that encourage self-confidence, poise and good manners. Melenie feels, “Everyone should have the opportunity to feel comfortable in social and business situations”. Melenie's experience in corporate Human Resources has created additional training options for clients from coast to coast. Courses are now available in Leadership, Teamwork, DISC, Harassment, Coaching and more. 

Contact Melenie today at: melenie@e360p.com

Sarah Broyles

Sarah Broyles, of Experience 360 Partner

As a notable leader in the young professional development space, Sarah Broyles has a passion for helping the next generation of employees cultivate the interpersonal tools needed for success. Through this passion, she has recognized the need to bridge the gap between experienced leaders across industries and young professionals freshly entering the workforce. She facilitates and presents at educational events with university students and young professionals, helping them develop and recognize the skills needed to grow their own professional networks. Additionally, she recently developed, and continues to lead, a series of networking events mixed with young and experienced leaders. These events are designed to provide young professionals the opportunity to apply their classroom skills and grow their networks to expand their own knowledge and opportunities.

Joining Etiquette Saint Louis in 2018 as a program instructor, Sarah has most recently stepped into the role of media relations and program manager for the Etiquette Saint Louis’ Experience 360 Partners division. As the media relations and program manager, she generates and presents new training programs, proposals, events and courses, in addition to managing digital content and engagement. Sarah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations and Journalism from Missouri Baptist University.

Etiquette Saint Louis started in 2000 with programs designed to help professionals and youth display confidence and comfort in all settings. As program curriculum evolved, the Experience 360 Partners division was created to further define, develop, and empower businesses to deliver on their unique customer and employee experience goals. Visit experience360partner.com for more information.

Contact Sarah today at: sarah@etiquettesaintlouis.com

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